Let me just start by saying that I am not a runner (or any other kind of athlete at that). However on Monday 1/2, after a pretty painless journey home from Detroit for a fab New Year’s, I started training for the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon which will go down March 19th. I ran 5 times this week for a total of 17 miles. Which is probably more than I’ve run in any given month of my life so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

The (runner’s) high: My favorite run this week took place Saturday morning. It was cold af (11*F ) and kicked off with a headache (or maybe brain freeze? or maybe Friday night’s activities?), but the sun was shining and I felt pretty good throughout. Stopped for a moment to take the photo below.


The (runner’s) low: Running 3 miles on the treadmill. #woof. But I guess I will have to get used to it since I will be training straight through winter and there will be days where it is just too cold or too icy. Any suggestions to make treadmill running less of a nightmare?? #helpmeimnotarunner

The (personal) high: Did you know you can get Jake Melnick’s wings at the United Center? Well, you can. And on Thursday night at the game, we got a basket of them. My proudest moment this week (by far) was stopping at just 2 wings in that sitting. There were a few more that had my name on them. But I was full and so I stopped. #babysteps

The (personal) low: I made the worst ever pancakes of my life. Tried to be cute and make a heart and star. Below was the result. And they tasted terrible too. #WTFook


All in all, was a great week.

I took a couple yoga classes, went to a Blackhawks game (they won in OT) and took a surf n’ turf cooking class at The Chopping Block with my manfran/coach which was SO fun (would totally recommend this for a girl’s night out or fun date).

Just 10 more to go until the half mar!




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