My second week of training was equal parts terrible and fantastic.

I ran 5 times for a total of 18 miles. The first 4 runs, which I’ve mostly blacked out at this point, were all terrible. It was either too cold, too rainy, too windy, or I was too crabby/tired/emotionally drained. At one point during one of these dumb runs, I was SURE I had been transported to the jungle during a monsoon and was trying to army crawl my way out. In reality I was in Lincoln Park and it was just kind of raining sideways. There was at least one tear. #Coachwasnotimpressed

Then Sunday came along, and after a nice weekend home with some besfrans, I was feeling refreshed and the weather was decent. We ran 5 miles (my longest run yet) and it felt really, really good and I was happy with the result. I might even dare say it was “fun”.

I’m learning to adjust as I go and do what feels best for me and my schedule. Decided to cut one run out each week so I can take a class (because booty and arms) and add a mile or two onto one of the other runs.

All in all, week two was a success (I survived) and ended on a high note.

Now just took a chisel class and I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.. let alone run 5 miles. Just 9 more weeks to go!

Photo of the week:

… My solution to stop counting down every .01 mile on the treadmill. Cover that sh*t up.



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