A lot has happened in the past couple weeks. Not a ton of running though.

A week and a half ago I hurt my groin. Of all the running I have been doing.. I’m pretty sure it happened whilst running to the bus (insert rolling eye emoji).

It’s feeling much better now and I have been able to get my long runs and a couple shorter ones in, but I have definitely learned the value of rest when injured or not feeling 100%.

I’ve also learned the benefit of running with a mask on in this cold weather. After Coach diagnosed me with EIB (Exercise Induced B-something), I started wearing a mask over my nose and mouth and it has helped my breathing tremendously.

We have been insanely lucky with the weather this winter. Sure it’s cold, but we have only been deterred from running outside a few times and the weather for our long runs has been amazing.  Feeling very lucky for that.

In other news.. I’m starting a new job Monday (yay!) so have a couple days off and Christian is letting me tag along on a work trip to NYC! We’re planning to run 8 miles in Central Park on Saturday which I am super pumped for.

All in all, a lot to be thankful for! I wouldn’t say the running is getting any easier, but I have definitely been looking forward to our long runs which I have to say is pretty unexpected.

Photo of the week:


I took this photo from Olive Park the Saturday morning we ran 6 miles. It was unseasonably warm that day (58* in late January!) and there was a heavy fog over the city for most of the morning. Made for a beautiful run.

4 weeks down.. 7 to go!



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