Where dreams are made of?

I had the privilege this past weekend of running Central Park. Christian had to go to NYC for work on Friday and since I was unemployed for two days, I tagged along. It was a beautiful morning for a run (though freezing cold) and I was excited to get 8 miles under my belt.

However, as it turns out, there are #mountainsinCentralPark.

Ok, maybe a bit exaggerated. But seriously. I felt like I was running uphill the entire time. For anyone who lives/runs in Chicago, you know we have a very flat terrain. My body, lungs, old lady hip, mind, etc. were not prepared for this.

Even though it was a complete b*tch, I was really thankful for the opportunity because the 1/2 marathon does almost a full lap around Central Park. At least now I have an idea of what to expect the day of the run.

I am pretty disappointed I didn’t get any photos of Central Park that day (it truly was a gorgeous winter day in NYC), but I guess I was too busy trying not to die. So whatev.

UPDATE* I went and saw a real doctor and was officially diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma or EIA (#coachdontquityourdayjobyet). Was prescribed an inhaler and am interested to see if that helps with my breathing.

Just over 5weeks until the half marathon and I am still waiting for it to get easier. Will be resting my hip and ankle for a few days, but plan to run 9 miles this weekend. Wish me luck!




4 thoughts on “#concretejungle

  1. What the whaaaa?! I had no idea you started a blog! Or started running! I don’t even know you anymore! That’s awesome! I want to love running but I just can’t. I max out at like a mile, ha. But I have exercise induced asthma too! My inhaler expired a million years ago so I just don’t work out anymore, ha. I can’t wait to follow your journey!


    1. Sooo my journey right now is kind of sad and lame. Basically my glutes are WEAK and it is causing me a lot of pain in my leg (hence not much blogging the past couple weeks). Thanks for reading though!! I am going to try to keep it up – just something fun to do 🙂 New post coming soon!


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